8 Free Power Point Presentations With Purchase of A Complete Guide To Marketing Senior Housing ( A $150.00 value)

Behavior And Emotions Of Aging-What Is Normal, The Complex Roles Of Older Adults, Understanding Alzheimer's Disease, It's Your Future Be Their Healthy, Golfing For A Lifetime,Transitioning Into Assisted Living

There are 8 CD's containing PowerPoint Presentations for you to present to staff, civic groups, at AARP and RSVP meetings, ladies groups, at luncheons, invite potential residents in for diner and an educational seminar.


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A Step-By-Step Guide That Will Take                   Your Marketing Program In The Right Direction

looking for a partner who.                                 already.understands your business?

You can count on the Complete Guide To Marketing Senior Housing to find solutions to your problems quickly. This 298 page book encompasses more experience helping you meet your sales and occupancy objectives than any other book in the field of marketing senior housing. A Complete Guide To Marketing Senior Housing will help you get to the right answers faster. With the Complete Guide, there’s no learning curve it’s all right at your fingertips.


The Complete Guide to Marketing Senior Housing—The Critical Components of Success to market your assisted living facility and gives you the insights, information, and tools to achieve occupancy success. It shows you how to create a marketing program that is integrated and all encompassing, that embraces the right strategy, reaches the right people, and evolves in response to marketplace changes.


When you give this responsibility to subordinates, you must make sure they understand and are qualified to market your facility. A Complete Guide to Marketing Senior Housing will help to train your staff or you as a marketing director that will help you reach a 100% capacity.


The information in A Complete Guide to Marketing Senior Housing is available nowhere else; it took Mr.Littlejohn years to acquire the practical wisdom contained in its pages. Here’s a summary of what’s inside: Closing tools, Resident retention, Tools of a marketing team, 51 field tested reasons to follow-up with a prospect , Making the Most of Site Presentations/Tours, What not to do during a tour, A complete Marketing Plan, How to close at the time of the first tour and much more.



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